Differential Equations

Although the author was not satisfied with the materials included in this webapge, he thought that it might be useful to some students and teachers.
  • DifferentialEquations.pdf
    This lecture notes and its earlier versions were used for the course with the same title offered by the Department of Mathematics, University of Hong Kong, from 2001 to 2007.
    The pdf file is designed to be printed on both sides of A4 paper without page scaling. Blank pages are generated, where necessary, so that chapters always start on odd pages.

  • DE_source_files.zip The zip file contains the source files (tex, eps and other files) that are used to produce the lecture notes.

  • Files for lectures The following files (pdf with powerpoint effect and mathematica nb) were used by the author to teach the course Differential Equations in 2007. The pdf files are better read in full screen mode (download and save them first, press Ctrl+L if they are not opened properly).

  • DE_Lecture_01.pdf
    1. 01_Decay.nb
    2. 02_Cooling.nb
    3. 03_Logistic.nb
    4. 04_Damped.nb
    5. 05_Pendulum.nb
    6. 06_Airy.nb
    7. 07_Heat.nb
    8. 08_Prey-predator.nb
  • DE_Lecture_02.pdf
  • DE_Lecture_03.pdf
  • DE_Lecture_04.pdf
  • DE_Lecture_05.pdf
  • DE_Lecture_06.pdf
  • DE_Lecture_07.pdf      DE_Lecture_07_Function.pdf
  • DE_Lecture_08.pdf
  • DE_Lecture_09.pdf
  • DE_Lecture_10.pdf
  • DE_Lecture_11.pdf
  • DE_Lecture_12.pdf
  • DE_Lecture_13.pdf
  • DE_Lecture_14.pdf
  • DE_Lecture_15.pdf
  • DE_Lecture_16.pdf
  • DE_Lecture_17.pdf
  • DE_Lecture_18.pdf
  • DE_Lecture_19.pdf
  • DE_Lecture_20.pdf
  • DE_Lecture_21.pdf
  • DE_Lecture_22.pdf
  • DE_Lecture_23.pdf
  • DE_Lecture_24.pdf
  • DE_Lecture_25.pdf
  • DE_Lecture_26.pdf
  • DE_Lecture_27.pdf
  • DE_Lecture_28.pdf
  • DE_Lecture_29.pdf