Check-Digit Schemes and Cryptosystems

  • CDS_Crypt.pdf
    The beamer pdf file is better read in full screen mode (download and save first, press Ctrl+L if it is not opened properly).
    The following mathematica nb files are used together with the pdf file (at indicated positions)
  • cmd.nb   (must be run before using the other nb files)
  • shift.nb
  • shift_attack.nb
  • affine_shift.nb
  • affine_shift_attack.nb
  • RSA.nb
  • factor.nb
    The zip file contains the source files (tex, sty and pdf for figures) that are used to produce the beamer pdf file.
    To produce the pdf file,
    1. unzip the zip file to get one tex file, five sty files and a folder for figures;
    2. open the tex file with TeXnicenter (for example);
    3. run "pdflatex" (LaTeX => Pdf), may need to run more than once.